"Every once in a while something comes along that is so special as to discount all logical rules of value." Forest Fenn

The most valuable leather in the world

What is Rose-Tanned Leather?

Rose leather is a specially tanned leather that is tanned using pure Rose Otto (oil distilled from rose petals without any fillers or chemicals).

     It takes 4 metric tones of roses to produce one kilo of oil,and approximatly1800 rose petals to produce a single drop of oil. 

Rose-tanned leather is extremely hypo-allergenic, prevents mold and mildew from growing, and will maintain its feel for much longer than traditional leathers. Rose leather retains the energy from the rose oil, and if properly cared for, will continue to give off its powerful rose aroma for years to come.

The leather itself can be of any variety (crocodile, kangaroo, ostrich, bovine, lamb, goat, really big rat, etc.) and In just about any color. It is tanned to order in very limited quantities.

Currently, we are the only producers of rose leather in the world.

If you have a favorite design house that you would like to use rose tanned leather for a special order have them contact me and I would be happy to supply them with what ever they need for the work.      

How much will this cost?

 As therapeutic-grade rose oil can sell for upwards of $ 41,0000.00 USD per gallon, it is understandable that rose-tanned leather is the most costly leather on earth.

Thus, the leather interior of a modern automobile in rose leather would cost slightly more than 1.2 million USD. A rose-tanned wallet starts at $10,000.00 USD; key fobs at $2000.00 USD, watch bands at $5000.00 USD, and leather belts at $15,000.00.

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